Finse introduces fully integrated exhaust pipe insulation

FTC Finse Thermal Cell – Fully integrated exhaust pipe insulation

Thermal insulation is a vital component of exhaust systems in order to maintain the functionality of SCR emissions control systems and ensure safe working conditions. FTC Finse Thermal Cell is manufactured in-house from start to finish and can be designed and tailored for each individual machine.

Finse has introduced a manufacturing method that is unique in the industry, enabling the sheet metal moulds to be produced extremely quickly, flexibly and cost effectively. As a result, the individually tailored exhaust pipe insulation can enter production in a very short time. The manufacturing of the sheet metal components and complete exhaust pipe insulation packages is very fast thanks to our automated production line. All of the processes are done in-house and not subcontracted in order to ensure the highest quality, speed and flexibility.

The outer layer of FTC Finse Thermal Cell is usually made from moulded stainless steel sheet metal with a thickness of 0.15–0.20 mm that complies with the EN 1.4016 and Aisi 430 standards. The insulation material is 6–50mm SuperWool or 3–15mm IsoGlass.

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