Finse Oy is a family-owned metalworking company founded in 1989 that specialises in heavy vehicle pipe components, including exhaust pipe systems, water pipes and tubular protection.

Excellence in tube bending

Finse Oy is a family-owned metalworking subcontractor founded in 1989 that specialises in tube components for heavy-duty applications, including exhaust pipe systems, water pipes and tubular protection for OEM customers. Our factories are located 300 metres apart from each other in Lievestuore, Finland, and comprise 400 square metres of production facilities that employ 50 professionals.

Our areas of expertise include tube bending and the production of silencers, water pipes, protective tubing, exhaust gas cleaning systems for diesel engines and oil lines. The components we manufacture are used in buses, forest machines, tractors, compactors, combine harvesters and diggers, for example. We offer our customers state-of-the-art pipe solutions for water, air and exhaust applications. We can also take responsibility for developing and designing the customer’s components, including jigs and other production methods, to ensure that they can be manufactured as efficiently as possible with the highest quality. The finished products are inspected using 3D scanners with precision down to 0.06 millimetres.

Our way of working

  • Our way of working is based on customer-focused quality, flexibility and reliability.
  • Finse complies with quality and environmental standards (9001:2015 and 14001:2015) to ensure high-quality, reliable and competitive operations that care for the environment.
  • Our operations are based on continuously improving our production processes, sharing information, developing our work environment and financial responsibility.
  • Our operations comply with all legal and other obligations.
  • We are committed to improving and developing our operations in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  • We are committed to treating everyone fairly and equally.

Our customers