New facilities and 15 new workers

Finse Oy has purchased new 2100-square-metre facilities along Route 9 (E63) in Lievestuore, Finland, approximately 300 metres from our current premises. The new facilities were originally built to house a bakery but can be easily converted for the needs of the metal industry.

“The new facilities are six metres tall. We have to remove a few inner walls and install a couple of overhead doors and ramps. There is a café at one end of the building that will continue to operate as a tenant of ours. The café takes up 300 square metres, while the remaining 1800 square metres will be used by us,” says Antti Hyppönen, CEO of Finse Oy.

Most of Finse’s machining tools will be moved to the new facilities, including tube cutting, tube bending, tube end forming and 3D laser cutting machines. The old facilities will be used for welding, assembly, painting and packing.

“The new and old facilities are separated by just 300 metres, although there are other properties between them. In the future it may be possible to connect the two properties along the rear if we get planning permission. The new property covers two hectares, so we also have room to expand,” Hyppönen continues.

15 new workers

Finse has 15 new workers, who began their orientation on 20 November. For the first five weeks they will be studying at Jyväskylä College, after which they will have job training at Finse for six weeks. Those who successfully complete the course will be offered jobs at Finse.

“The new workers include metal industry professionals and some who have changed fields. They also represent a wide range of ages. Most will work on the welding side, but we also have demand for other skills as well,” Hyppönen says.

Orders for London’s double-decker buses

The need for additional space and workers is the result of several factors. Finse has received an increasing number of orders from existing customers, and exports to Germany have got off to a rapid start. The largest single new order has come for exhaust systems for London’s red double-decker buses.

“Our long-time customer Proventia is installing new exhaust systems on London’s double-decker buses. The new systems feature selective catalytic reduction and particle filters, for example,” Hyppönen explains.

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